Quick parking payment

Convenient personal account

Review and feedback system

Easy tracking of events and promotions

Store information cards

Information about promotions

Developed application is a convenient tool for visitors of the shopping center, providing a wide range of functionality.

With the app, users can easily navigate the shopping center by viewing an interactive map that displays all the stores and establishments.

Users can also stay informed about the latest promotions and events offered by the stores and actively participate in them.

The scanning feature allows users to participate in promotions, receive additional bonuses, and discounts.

The personal account enables users to receive personalized recommendations and manage their settings.

The application provides useful information about each store, including contact details and working hours.

Convenient parking payment through the app saves visitors time and effort. For tenants of the shopping center, there is access to their personal accounts through the app, where they can manage their data and receive up-to-date information.

All the app's features are integrated with a user-friendly back office, ensuring efficient management and support.


User-friendly and versatile back office

The application is supported on both iPhone and Android

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Management through the back office.

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The pleasant and intuitively understandable interface facilitates navigation within the application

The ability to add new categories, store banners, as well as promotions and events held within the shopping complex

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Quick access to popular stores

Promotions and attractive offers

Convenient navigation by categories


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Convenient navigation by categories

Ability to add to favorites to keep track

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Convenient and easily accessible navigation panel

Parking system

Convenient parking system with online updates

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Parking card system

Parking system

Convenient parking system with online updates

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Current parking rates

Integration with PayPal for payment

Store cards

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Receipt scanning and recognition

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Ability to add images to a company

Detailed information about companies and their locations on the shopping district map