Electric vehicle application

Look at the parking map

Track personal and overall traffic statistics

Ability to add multiple vehicles

Track available parking spaces

Scan documents

View additional services for your vehicle on the map

Our project is an innovative application for electric vehicles, accompanied by a convenient web-based administration panel.

We have created this application with the goal of simplifying and enhancing the ownership experience of electric vehicles. With it, you can easily and quickly find nearby parking spaces using a dynamic parking map.

Adding multiple vehicles to the application is not a problem; it supports multiple profiles.

Additionally, we offer real-time tracking of available parking spaces, allowing you to save time and avoid unnecessary hassle when searching for parking.

An important feature of the application is the ability to scan documents, which streamlines the registration process and information exchange.

Our application also facilitates the transfer of electric vehicle data to a unified registry.


User-friendly and versatile back office

The application is supported on both iPhone and Android

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Intuitive interface

The application enables the transfer of electric vehicle data to a unified registry

It allows owners of electric vehicles to interact with responsible city services

Convenient and readily available services


Real-time map of available parking spaces


User-friendly navigation

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Convenient and readily available services

Real-time map of available parking spaces

User-friendly navigation


Convenient maps

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Real-time updates of available spaces

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Available spaces are displayed on the map in real-time

The system uses cameras to scan and display available spaces in real-time


Automatic and manual document moderation capabilities

Simple and user-friendly registration system in the application

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The program automatically recognizes text in documents



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Detailed information about your vehicle

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Convenient daily statistics at your fingertips

Ability to add multiple vehicles

The statistics show overall parking occupancy and user activity history