About the product

Automate food service enterprises on the food court using an efficient unified ecosystem

The system includes:

Cross-platform mobile application for online food ordering with modern functionality and thoughtful design

Multifunctional administration panel, allowing for the management of business processes

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Our modern project is a comprehensive system for the food court, incorporating a range of innovative solutions designed to enhance business processes and meet the needs of both tenants and users.

The main component of the system is a cross-platform mobile application, developed with the latest technologies and featuring thoughtful design

In the application, users can easily and conveniently order food online, explore various restaurants and dishes, make payments, and track their orders

Powerful tools for managing and promoting their businesses are provided for tenants

The user dashboard offers personalized recommendations and allows users to manage their settings

Through the multifunctional administration panel, tenants can run promotions, manage their marketing and loyalty programs, and create personalized offers and incentives to encourage visitors to frequent their establishments and spend more

Additionally, tenants can launch and manage promotions, utilize targeted push notifications, and even place paid banners on the website and in the application

Our system also offers a unique way to attract visitors through a gamified format, enhancing the experience of visiting the food court and making it more engaging and memorable


How to place an order?

Register in the application using your phone number

Choose a restaurant and select your favorite dish

Add extras to your order and send them to the cart

Choose a payment method

Track the preparation and delivery time of your order

Review your order history


Boost your commercial potential

For tenants:

Manage your promotion efforts. Run promotions, climb in rankings, and attract users with loyalty programs

Take advantage of the opportunity to create personalized offers and promotions that motivate visitors to frequent your establishments more often and spend more

Place and manage promotional campaigns

Utilize targeted push notifications

Create new ways of communicating with visitors


Placements for advertisers

The system includes:

Provide tenants with the opportunity for paid banner placement on the website and in the application, as well as automatic inclusion in search results

Utilize advanced promotional tools: "Buy One Get One Free," "Gift with Purchase," "Happy Hours." All of these contribute to an increase in order volume

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Carousel of banners

Recommended dishes

Advertisement banner

Food Cards

An additional way to attract visitors through a gamified format

Increase the interest of new visitors with diverse functionality

Place cards with promotions among the choice of dishes

Use the Stories feature to engage visitors

Increase the average check by improving the quality of interaction with users

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Dish selection

Category selection

Cross-platform capability

Use K-eat on all modern devices


The web version allows users to interact with the platform on their computer

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The application works on iOS and Android

Administrator Panel

Manage business processes using the multifunctional administration panel

Interact with your own customer database

Utilize tools for order processing

Develop and implement loyalty programs

Analyze reports

Manage advertising and promotions

Synchronize your internal restaurant systems with the application

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