About the product

Application for the shopping center

Bring together a combination of new technologies in a single system and effectively meet the needs of a modern shopping center

Enhance the customer experience, increase visitor numbers, and generate new revenue through a modern digital platform

Sell banners

Send push notifications

Launch promotions

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Our developed application is a convenient tool for visitors of the shopping center, providing a wide range of functionality.

In the app, users can easily navigate the shopping center by viewing an interactive map that displays all the stores and organizations.

Users can also stay informed about the latest promotions and events offered by the stores and participate in them.

With the receipt scanning feature, users can participate in promotions and receive additional bonuses and discounts.

The personal account feature allows users to receive personalized recommendations and manage their settings.

The app also provides useful information about each store, including contact details and operating hours.

For the shopping center tenants, there is access to their personal accounts through the app, where they can manage their data and receive up-to-date information. All these app features are integrated with a convenient back office, ensuring efficient management and support.


What does the mobile application offer to businesses?

For shopping center owners:

A constantly updated customer database

The opportunity for monetization through advertisers

Increased rental value through the implementation of advanced technologies


For tenants:

A constantly updated customer database

The opportunity for stores to attract customers by displaying their brand on the shopping center map

Promotion of promotions and special offers, leading to increased profits


What does the mobile application offer to businesses?

For visitors:

Increased interest in the purchasing process through personalization

Up-to-date information on discounts, promotional offers, events, and services

All services available in one application

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Advanced sales techniques

Monetize advertising and banners through placements from tenants

Increase the attractiveness of the Shopping Center with a well-thought-out and beneficial loyalty system

Personalize company promotions through analytics systems

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Statistics and analytics


90% of shoppers consider targeted push notifications to be the most desirable


75% of shoppers explore available promotions before making a purchase


According to statistics, 72% of young mall visitors use the internet to gather information about the stores located in it


Shopping mall application

Comprehensive information about promotions

Convenient personal account

Review and feedback system

Convenient notifications about promotions and events

Informative store cards with location on the map

Quick parking payment


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User-friendly navigation and filters

Ability to add to favorites

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Image carousel

Technical implementation

Reliability and high-speed performance

Convenient and multifunctional back office

Modern applications for iPhone and Android

Integration with Bitrix, Amo, iiko, and other systems

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