Parking Payment System

Ability to register parking space number

User authentication capability

Quick payment via PayPal

Easy price updates

Payment history storage

Available parking spaces view

Our parking payment system application provides a reliable and convenient solution for organizing an efficient parking infrastructure.

We offer a wide range of features that ensure safety, convenience, and practicality for drivers and parking operators.

With our application, users can easily and quickly register their parking space number, authenticate, and make payments through popular payment systems like SberPay or SBP.

Price updates will occur instantly, and payment history is stored, allowing drivers to track their expenses.

The application also allows users to view available parking spaces, significantly reducing the time spent searching for a suitable parking spot.

The application provides useful information about each store, including contact details and working hours.

The system is managed through a user-friendly back office, and integration with other parking systems ensures compatibility and interaction with existing infrastructure.

Technical implementation

Reliability and high speed performance

Integration with parking systems

Modern applications for iPhone and Android

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Management through the back office.

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Parking system

Efficient parking payment solution in three touches

Automated parking payment system with integrated acquiring from Sber or other banks

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One-touch payment

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Up-to-date parking rates

Parking card system

Real-time monitoring of available parking spaces

Administrator panel

Back office with a dashboard

Information about completed payments

Ability to export data to XLS